Bill PedutoDemocratic candidate for mayor Bill Peduto

“Councilman Bill Peduto, who is running for mayor this year, said he would continue the challenge of UPMC’s tax-exempt status if elected and likely expand it to include other large nonprofits in the city.” (WPXI-TV, 3/20/13)

  • “UPMC and Highmark need to pay their fair share in taxes, so we can help neighborhood businesses create jobs” – Peduto TV Commercial, May 6, 2013.
  • “UPMC is a purely public charity. . . And serving as a charity comes with accountability.” (WQED Forum, 4/25/13)
  • “There are three accountabilities that I look at with UPMC. Number one: accountability with your patients. Number two, accountability to your community . . . .you need to be paying your fair share… [Third,] the accountability to your workers.”  (WQED Forum, 4/25/13)
  • “If you [are] the largest employer in all of Pennsylvania and not providing life sustaining jobs and people don’t have the opportunity to break through into the middle class, . . . what kind of economic development model is that?” (WQED Forum, 4/25/13)
  • “Any non-profit that is a charity should not be stopping anyone from trying to form a union, which is the basis of every right in this country.” (WQED Forum, 4/25/13)

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